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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you travel to my location to film or record?
Yes, on-location recording is a very important part of our business. We travel throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area, Virginia, and Maryland on a regular basis for shoots.

What type of equipment do you use?
Our main cameras are the high definition Panasonic HPX300s, Panasonic AF100, Panasonic HPX170s, and Panasonic GH1s. The choice of camera depends on the type of recording we will be doing. If you have a specific request for equipment contact us ahead of time. Audio recording is done with a variety of Neumann, AKG, Shure, and Senheiser microphones. The choice of microphone also depends on the type of recording being done.

What types of files and media formats can you work with?
• Video - WebLink Audio Video Production has the latest versions of Final Cut Studio (Final Cut Pro, Motion, Livetype, and Color) and Adobe Premiere Pro. We can handle any media format supported by these programs, the list is too extensive to write out. For tape-based formats we support DV, miniDV, Beta, Betacam SP, HDV, Digital 8, Hi8, VHS, and 8mm.
• Audio - For Audio WebLink uses the latest versions of Digidesign ProTools, Adobe Soundbooth, and Steinberg Cubase. We can work with any of the multitude of audio formats these programs support like WAV, AIFF, Mp3, and WMA. For tape-based audio we can work with CDs, cassettes, 1/4" reel to reel, minidiscs, 8track, and records.
• Graphics / Other - For graphics and other files we have Adobe Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, and Illustrator, as well as the Microsoft Office Suite and Apple's iWork suite.