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Web Compression and Encoding

One of the most essential yet overlooked aspect of successful internet video is compression and encoding for the web. Compression is the process of reducing a video files size so that it can be played over the internet. The challenge of compressing videos for the internet is that they need to be compressed enough to be played over all types of internet connections ( 56k, DSL, Cable) but not so compressed that they picture and sound quality suffer too greatly.

The file type or encoding that is used is also important. For instance, a Flash Video can be an effective way to compress video, but it isn't viewable to users on iPhones or iPad. Alternatively, h264 can be an excellent format for users with new computers, but users with older hardware may not be able to view it.

The internet video experts at WebLink Audio Video Productions can help you choose the right format distribution. Give us a call at (202) 596-2861 to discuss your project in detail.