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    Live Streaming and Webcast Company in Washington, DC.

Technical Capabilities

Multi-camera switching

broadcast camera on a tripod

Whether you need basic single-camera coverage, or a team camera operators, we've got you covered.

Sometimes single camera coverage can be enough, but when you need those additional angles you'll need switching. For instance, consider a panel discussion at a conference; you may want to have one camera that covers everone on stage, one that does close-ups on whomever is speaking, and one focused on the audience to capture questions. To do this you'll need a video switcher and operator to control what your viewers are seeing.

A video switcher also allows you to integrate other sources, like video playback, PowerPoint slides, or remote presenters. It can also be used to control what is viewed on projectors, screens, and other monitors.

PowerPoint and Slide Integration

Presenter in front of slides

When streaming live to a remote audience it's important they're able to view all of the content an in-person audience is seeing, including PowerPoint slides, video playback, graphics and charts. It's even possible to have presenters speak over video from remote locations. In fact, we've done a live uplink to the International Space Station!

We're able to interface with a venue's video projectors or monitors in order to deliver an exact digital copy of any content being displayed. Slides can be displayed in your web stream by switching back and forth between camera and slide view, utilizing a picture-in-picture frame, or even side by side with custom resolutions.

Stream to a Website, Facebook, Youtube... anywhere.

It's more important than ever to meet your audience where they are, be it on Facebook, Twitter, on your company or organizations website. We can even integrate with videoconferencing software like Zoom, Skype, Teams, or WebEx.

watching video on an iPad

Typically, streaming works by sending a live feed from our cameras and encoding equipment to a content delivery network, or CDN. A CDN is a group of servers that is geographically distributed around the world. Individuals viewers receive the stream from the server closest to their location, resulting in fast and reliable transmission. The process is invisible to the viewer; it just works!

If you already subscribe to a CDN or video streaming platform we can use your existing setup, or you can broadcast over our servers. We know it can be confusing and are happy to help, just contact us

Make your next webcast social

social media on a phone

Does your company or organization have a big social media following? Looking to increase online engagement or target a specific demographic? Broadcasting on social media might be a good option. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube; it's all supported.

To make it interactive we can even display twitter comments live within your video, show viewership numbers of who's watching, conduct Facebook polls and surveys with live-updating results. Contact us with your ideas and together we can create an interactive experience for your viewers.

Generate leads

Hosting a live stream can be a great way to identify potential clients. Organizations we've worked with have used live streaming to generate leads and start a conversation with new contacts.

typing on a computer

Perhaps you'd like to build out a list for email marketing. A simple "enter your email address to view the stream" could be the answer. Maybe you'd like to limit the stream to existing organization members. We can embed the stream on a page behind your existing username / password login.

No one-size fits all solution works for every organizations. Get in touch and we'll see what can work for you.

Viewer Analytics & Statistics

Every event organizer wants to know who showed up and who was engaged. Live video streaming with WebLink Audio Video you can get you the data you need.

webcast stats and analytics on a laptop

With viewer analyics we can help determine which presenters at your conference drew the greatest audience, or where geographically your online viewers are.

Capabilities do differ widely depending on which streaming platfor you use, but we can definitely lead you in the right direction. Our private CDN integrates with the popular Google Analytics, which is sure to keep your organizations webmaster and marketing team happy.

Audio and Lighting

Musicians on stage with lights

A high quality video needs high quality sound and lighting.

Every event has different needs when it comes to audio and lighting. For most small and mid-size events we're able to provide lighting and audio in-house. For larger spaces we typically work with the venue or bring in an outside vendor. If you're still working to choose a company to provide lighting, staging, or sound reinforcement let us know and we'd be happy to recommend some vendors we trust.