Project Description

Since 2015 CASIS, the organization which manages the US Laboratory on the International Space Station, has worked with WebLink Audio Video to live stream their annual research and development conferences.

This high profile event has featured speakers including SpaceX's Elon Musk, TV host Adam Savage, NASA administrators, multiple US Senators and Represenatives, as well as astronauts from the US and around the world.

A particular challenge with a large live webcast is coordinating with the many vendors involved. This particular event had an AV crew running audio and projection, the design team providing lower thirds and on-screen graphics, the CASIS web developers integrating the stream into their site, the hotel providing internet connection, and a CDN providing internet server space. With adequate planning and communication the live stream went off flawlessly.

In addition to the usual technical challenges of switching multiple cameras and slide sources, the 2018 broadcast included a live uplink to the International Space Station for a Q&A with the crew. We also coordinated with NASA TV to have the stream broadcasted live over their network.

WebLink's Contribution

  • Live Switching
  • Webcast Encoding
  • Directing Cameras
  • Planning and Coordination